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Larry Jewelry NFT

Jun 2022 Hong Kong

Luduson G Inc. works with Larry Jewelry to launch LJ Metaverse


Since 1967, Larry Jewelry has always excelled in creating remarkable jewelry collections by embracing its mastery in design, gem-setting technics, highest quality gemstones and rare diamonds.


Larry Jewelry’s mission is to encapsulates memorable emotions and feelings into artistic masterpieces for their highly discerning customers, many of whom have continued supporting and loving Larry Jewelry over the years, and considers Larry Jewelry as Asia’s King of Gemstones. Technics and technology always advances, and so has Larry Jewelry.


LJ Metaverse launches in 2022 to combine the best in craftsmanship and the latest in technology. You can explore this new world of Legendary series in the Metaverse, and enjoy the deep feelings extrapolating the vision and values of the Playful Panda Ring, the Butterfly Brooch, and the Peacock Pendant Set. A new era for artistic appreciation and the unlocked investment values for the next century begins today.

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